I recently encountered a device, a kind of sundial, for measuring indecipherable properties.

Nathan Heleine is a purveyor of imagery & ideas in Portland, Oregon. 

Now They Hear Nothing 
a  photofiction serial 

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You are not past your prime. No, that’s not the case at all.
Think of this instead as a new chapter just beginning.

Excerpt from Now They Hear Nothing Issue No. 1 – Ways to Encourage a Leaf

Luca was looking for something but he couldn’t quite say what it was. Here’s what he had figured out so far: he was looking for something that would make him feel better. When forced to describe the something he was looking for, that’s about as far as he could get.

Excerpt from Now They Hear Nothing Issue No. 2 – The Place

This is the last will and testament of a man in his mid-thirties who was born mere minutes ago. 
Or maybe hours ago or days ago, but definitely not weeks ago. He’s not quite sure of the precise moment, but his life is irreversibly reanimated by the most mundane and spectacular proceedings of his old new life.

Excerpt from Now They Hear Nothing Issue No. 3 – Portals

Rufino Tamayo asks “What do you see?”

Can I speak first of what I hear?

“Why yes, of course.”

There’s a low breeze. I can’t feel it, but I can hear the leaves tumbling. I can hear my father stoking a fire. And I can hear my mother singing me to sleep. I can hear the hum of insects and the occasional truck or car passing on the other side of a shallow wooded ravine stretching between our tent and the highway. I can hear the low buzz of the Coleman lamp, nearly indistinguishable from the infinite murmurs of the Illinois twilight.

Excerpt from Now They Hear Nothing Issue No. 4 – Conversations With Walls

Some say there's a treasure, or a treasure-like thing, hidden in the city.

Nobody knows who put it there or why it even exists, but everyone seems to agree that the treasure is real. Many have tried to find it. Or everyone is trying to find it whether they know it or not.

Excerpt from Now They Hear Nothing Issue No. 5 – Where You’ll Find It

After many heartfelt attempts to define my interests concisely on the internet, I now accept the fact that specialization and brevity just aren’t my forté.

I invest my time in photography, writing, games, politics, documentary filmmaking, music (especially traditions that emphasize improvisation – jazz, bluegrass, hip-hop, etc.), design, visual arts, digital publishing, slow content, and strategic consulting for progressive organizations.

I’m keenly interested in climate change and adaptation, American gun violence, various social reform pockets and movements, most presidential politics and some local politics (note: trying to flip this balance), recripocral effects of the emergent ‘creative class’ which I both benefit from and loathe, our increasingly fragmented notions of what constitutes ‘home’ in western civilization, the triangle offense and the strong-side box defense in their respective heydays, the wild ups and downs of our ever-evolving relationship with technology, and the spirit of the adjacent possible.

My projects tend to revolve around some or none of these interests, and I recently learned to aggressively avoid the latter.

I once had the pleasure of meeting Michael J. Fox who told me to “keep going until they take the crayons away.” I love what this says about staying young in mind and spirit while making the most of our productive days throughout each new phase of life. If I have a central aim beyond supporting the people I love and tilting our collective human dignity needle ever so slightly in the right direction, then I guess that’s it.

I’m currently between projects and exploring possibilities.

Interested in working together?

Still with me? Here’s a quick then, now, and next…

I was born in Normal, Illinois in August of 1981. I landed my first job a few years later running the cash register in my parents’ ice cream shop in Nashville, Tennessee. I studied jazz & contemporary media as a saxophonist & composer at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY from 1999 - 2004 and then moved to Brooklyn, New York.

After 13 years spent building Crush & Lovely as a creative director, digital product manager and filmmaker, I took a leap to pursue my longstanding love of photography and writing. I'm particularly interested in projects that combine and remix these two practices. Thematically speaking, I'm obsessed with the relationship between people and technology both literally and figuratively.

My wife and teammate is Dearbhla Keegan, and it has felt for some time as though we are at the beginning of an adventure. We live in Portland, Oregon.

Congratulations. You just touched bottom at the deep end of the pool.