My photography practice is a casual conversation between ideas and moments.

I collect ideas that captivate me and imagine them as a promise that needs keeping. Then, when the world is spinning generously, I photograph moments that seem to keep the promise. 

Selected photographs // 2012-2016

Leica Q, Contax G2, Fujifilm X100T

"I am not young enough to know everything.”

Oscar Wilde

Conor Pass, Ireland  // August, 2014

“I want to see the radio or television turned off for an hour a week, the paper or magazine laid aside, the car locked safely in the garage, the bridge table folded, the liquor bottle corked, and the sedatives kept tightly in their packages. I want to see production and consumption forgotten for this hour. Politics must be forgotten, national or international. The hour that I propose could be called The Hour of Man. During this hour man could ask himself and his neighbor just what purpose they are serving on earth, what life is, what a man or woman can rightly ask of life as well as what they must give in return. If that man is working and struggling for what he really wants, is it worth the price he pays in personal suffering? Neighbors should learn to listen intently to neighbors. In only that way will the eye turn inward. In other people’s souls they could see the undistorted image of their own souls. As they helped others they would help themselves.”

Walker Winslow as quoted in Stand Still Like the Hummingbird by Henry Miller

New York City  //  April, 2016